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18 May 2005

Welcome all...

This is the website for the NUJ's fledgling New Media Industrial Council...


At 11:46 pm, Blogger kanamaru said...



I'm sorry, my English also isn't good.
I want to go to France for a fatal infringement of human rights.
Does French Government help me as a refugee, if I go to Paris, France ? (I don't want to run to Ambassade de France au Japan for Toshiba's mind-control interruption.)
I really want British UNESCO or UN staff to support me in Paris.

All is serious.
I am an Mind-Control Victim Japanese by Toshiba Corp, Japan.
Toshiba employees have abused and disturbed me by microwave periodically since Nov 1997 in my unconsciousness and fatally 24hrs everyday since Dec 1, 1999 in my consciousness. With disturbed, nobody can work for money. So I want to bring Toshiba Corp into criminal trial for Corporate Crime to me.
The criminals or murderers to me are (Mr.) Tomohiro Takahashi, RMG and (Mr.) Shigeru Ootsuka of Toshiba General Affairs Division and (Mr.) Kiichi Ogata and (Mr.) Toshihiro Sawaoka of Toshiba IEG Division.
Former Toshiba Chair Taizo Nishimuro, Toshiba Chair Tadashi Okamura and Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida know (Mr.) Tetsu Ooishi and etc. of Toshiba Fuchu Rugby Club and (Mr.) Syouji Yoshida and (Mr.) Shinji Nikaidou and etc., formerly of Toshiba Fuchu Baseball Club, working at Toshiba Equipments Information Co (TIE) (= Toshiba Call Center) are peeping and abusing me now.
(I think they are so atrocious corporate secret police Toshiba-Ogikai members. Therefore, I believe Toshiba-Ogikai now lasts, armed with science technologies Remote-sensing and Mind-control.)

In Sep 2000 I requested by each letters that all Toshiba executives stopped Nanba and Toshiba employees of Toshiba Information Equipments Co (TIE) from mind-control-abusing me. Rather, (Toshiba Corp directed and) TIE members claimed my father, who didn't know science technology, against me. They, real criminals, said to my father they would take me to the police.

I have hard e-mailed many people of the World to express I am an Mind-control Victim by Toshiba Corp. I started it when I knew Brain Fingerprinting can proove my case in Dec 2000.
I had believed the criminal leader is Nanba until Kantoh-Toshiba Information System (KIS) manager Yoshio Hirano sent my father a letter with delivery report on Jan 19, 2001. The criminal leaders are (Mr.) Tomohiro Takahashi and (Mr.) Shigeru Ootsuka of Toshiba Corp's General Affairs Division and (Mr.) Kiichi Ogata and (Mr.) Toshihiro Sawaoka of Toshiba Corp's IEG (maybe, call center connecting Toshiba Corp and TIE) in a confidential Lotus Note's document printed out on Jan 15, 2001 with the letter. Their motive to abuse me is that I had a quarrel with them on a day in the end of Apr 1999.
Kiichi Ogata clearly commanded in the Lotus Note's document that his workers including Mr. Hirano should euphemistically tell my father that I was an neurotic patient.
Toshiba Corp has abused me with its crazy pride. (I am not a criminal. I just called Toshiba Corp a fool on each 2 days in Nov 1997 and the end of Apr 1999.)

In Sep 2004 I started to write on some English BBS to leave a trace of Toshiba's Corporate Abuse. After that, I understood some World people would understand Mind-control-abuse. And I wanted to go to America, France and another humanist country.
Toshiba Corp eliminates my correctness by Mind-Control in Japan. (No Japanese help me although scientists, some politicians, laboreres and science watchers might notice Toshiba's crime to me is real.)

On Jun 28, 2005, in a street, I met and gave my SOS letter to politician Shinzou Abe, called next PM after Junichro Koizumi. I know he is a good man but he can't help me too weak.
On Jun 25, 2005, in a street, I accidentally met and gave my SOS letter to politician Katsuei Hirasawa, a supporter of abductee by NK, but he returned me it. But I expected it. Hirasawa is a Toshiba spy (Toshiba-Ogikai member).

On Sep 11, 2005, Japan was dominated by Toshiba Corp.
Toshiba spy PM Junichiro Koizumi used Toshiba's mind-control system and won at Sep 11, 2005 election. It was same as 2001 but it was different from 2001. It's domination of Liberal Party by Toshiba spy Koizumi.
Koizumi might support Toshiba's cartel in Japan's post office when he was the Post Office and Telecommunication Minister from 1992 to 1995. In Dec 1997 Japan's Fair Trade Commission investigated and sued Toshiba Corp in Nov 1998 for a cartel of Japan's Post Office and the trial continues now. (The current Japan's Post Office President Masaharu Ikuta is a Toshiba' spy, I strongly believe.)

Anti-Koizumi politician Shizuka Kamei said "PM Junichiro Koizumi used mind-control and got a big won at Japan's Sep 11, 2005 election.". And I knew that every politicians and journalists knew all.
Some brave newspapers informed the truth under Koizumi's huge political pressure. TV propagandizes admirations and lies about Koizumi today in Japan. (I can't believe TV news about Koizumi and Toshiba Corp after 2000.)
So NY times criticismed that Japan (Koizumi) is worse than South and North Koreas on Sep 22, 2005. (That's right. But NY times might support Koizumi amid a Japanese election.)

Nevertheless I believe only JAXA, NEC and NTT persons can win v. Toshiba persons in Japan. They don't help me.
If Toshiba-led HD DVD will be defeated by Bluray Disc and Toshiba-led SED TV set won't be a boom like LCD TV set and Plasma TV set and Toshiba won't sell nuclear equipments (under the name of GE and someone) to USA, I can get hope with Japan.
I want USA to dominate Japan again to regain Japan from dominant, crazy, evil freemason Toshiba Corp.

I must select Washington DC, America or Paris, France and I prefer France. But It looks that Jacques Chirac believes former Toshiba Chair Taizo Nishimuro. America couldn't help Lexar Media, Inc. from atrocious thieve Toshiba Corp at Jul 11, 2005 trial. America is cheated by Toshiba persons.
For a fatal infringement of human rights, I should meet to Japanese UN staff but Toshiba Corp joins UN Global Compact and Toshiba laborer Akio Shimono, Masaru Sodeyama, Tomio Suzuki or Yoshiyuki Shiroma is an UN NPT conference member, therefore, I can't believe Japanese UN staff.

Since Nov 1997, crazy Toshiba persons have completely controled my life in Japan, using Toshiba's mind-control system. But I'm not a their slave. I want you to help me.
I clearly states to World's politicians it on South Korean politicians' BBSes from Jul 2005. They all have BBS. French and American politicians don't have BBS.

I'm really serious. All is true. I can stand newest Science Technology checks like Brain Fingerprinting.

Sincerely Yours,
Seitaro Kanamaru


(1). "Mind control: The Zombie Effect" (Pravda Nov 10, 2004)
- It said "Methods of latent impact on the human psyche are no longer secret."

(2). "Psychic security department protects Russian presidents from external psychological influence" (Pravda Jan 6, 2005)
- Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin had Federal Security Service against Mind-Control. Americans have created radiators of modulated signals, which control people's behavior thousands of kilometers from afar.

- Mr. John Fleming is an American journalist. He is the author of The War of All Against All: An Analysis of Conflict in Society (International Scholars Publications, 2000). But I a little suspect he is Toshiba person Japanese.

(Mr.) Seitaro Kanamaru, a Japanese
ViewHeim Motoi 301 2-16-7 Kameari
Tokyo, Japan, 125-0061
81-3-3604-5444 (I can't speak English very well.)
(03)3604-5444 (in Japan)
E-mail kanamaru_seitaro@hotmail.com
I am an Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997.
(My face is at http://www.discussanything.com/forums/showthread.php?p=838876.)
* My site in Japanese

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