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08 June 2006

The Content is dead! Long live the Content!

To the plush surroundings of the Royal Society's Great Hall this Tuesday for NMK's Content2.0 conference. Content it would seem is no longer King, but some kind of revolutionary squatter, ready to pack bags and move on to wherever looks more fun. A really interesting series of presentations which kept a pretty diverse audience engaged, but of particular interest to us NMers were the morning sessions. Adriana Cronin-Lukas posited that new media should be seen as merely a modernising of traditional media - same attitudes with a nice new interface - and not be lumped in with the emergent 'social media'. Showing a nice photo slide of cleaner-birds on hippos, she suggested the two would remain distinct but connected, with social media a parasite on new/trad media, and the two in a symbiotic relationship with potential benefit on both sides.

Jemima's live reporting from the day on the paidContent.org blog makes for interesting reading: http://www.paidcontent.org/c/content-20/


At 1:48 pm, Blogger John said...

Plus of course the official event's live blog at: http://www.content2point0.com/2006/blog


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