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20 July 2006

Come and have a go if you think you're trad enough...

On the news that tory(ish)-blogger Guido Fawkes snuck into the hallowed trad media turf of the Parliamentary lobby again this week, and that this year's party conference is likely to see dedicated bloggers in the press gallery for the first time, the Guardian's Backbencher column has issued an old-school hack challenge to the new webby upstarts:

The Backbencher was pleased to hear Francis Maude reveal that Guido and his ilk will be allowed to cover the Tory conference this year. Since the bloggers v media/political establishment war has now escalated - and no, the Backbencher isn't going to make any facetious comparisons with the Middle East - she will merely wonder whether the youngish men realise what they are letting themselves in for. Can they survive the full three weeks? (She takes it the TUC isn't in their diaries.) Two hours' sleep, one deep-fried prawn and four glasses of corked semillon at a Social Market Foundation fringe, an intimate search by the men with the damp hands and 347 X-rays later, the Backbencher suspects some of them will be suffering from conference cold in their non-networked hotel room (£200 a night, five miles out of town, buses every six hours, and you'll pay your own expenses). Guys - we can't wait to meet you.


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