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29 March 2007

Guy Fawkes hanged again

Interesting exchange on Newsnight if you didn't catch it. Gossip blogger Guido Fawkes holds that he has a big advantage over MSM political journalists, as he doesn't do interviews, and so doesn't need to suck up to his subjects. People like Jeremy Paxman and Nick Robinson are letting down their viewers by playing on the politicians' own terms.

Well worth a watch. Paxman and the Guardian's Michael White give Guido just enough rope to hang, draw and quarter himself. Because he only aims for the jugular, he misses the round picture of what's really going on. Sure, he's certainly not in the pocket of the politicians, but if that means all he can come up with is partisan opinion, bluster and stories about Gordon Brown picking his nose, is he doing anyone a service either? Nick Robinson takes up the story in his own blog.



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