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18 October 2007

Standing up for journalism in the blogosphere

The NUJ inspired Stand Up for Journalism day on November 5 has been generating interest in the blogosphere.

And everyone is taking a different line.

Grimmer Up North concentrates on the BBC.

Labour of Love goes with the Peterloo massacre.

Dave's Part plays it straight.

Brussells Reporter takes the Euro-angle.

PR in a jar says she's taking part.

City of the Dead looks at Liverpool's media.

Stephen Newton wants his press releases re-jigged.

How-do pokes the bonfire.

And the Guardian does it the old fashioned way.

If you see anything else, please add them to the list by commenting (thanks to Miles Barter for compiling this list so far).

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At 5:38 pm, Blogger Paulie said...

I'd argue that the blogosphere has the ability to discourage your profession from some of its less noble behaviour. There are a few links here.


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