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26 November 2007

Bloggers told to beat it

No - it's not Conrad Quilty-Harper's membership application again, but an interesting link from Conrad himself via the NUJ new media email discussion list (thanks Conrad!) to a US media project.

Beat Blogging

13 journalists with different specialisms are going to try using blogging to build networks to help them in their normal careers. They reckon it'll be a great way to tap into the community around each of their specialisms (sports, local, gaming, stocks, environment, pharmaceuticals etc), and they'll hear more stories and be able to research better as a result.

The names (most of) are announced, and they're waiting to go. I for one will be following this one to see what happens. With some of the specialisms, I reckon it might be hard to break into existing strong communities (gaming maybe). The local one could work really well, but I'm most interested to watch the trade mag ones, to see how they deal with commercial information through the grapevine.

Will they get any more useful than the stream of Guidoesque trolling that Nick Robinson has to put up with on his beat blog? Or will they beat Paul Mason's "Get yourself on Newsnight!" Facebook group to the first social networking/MSM mega-scoop? Reality careers - More gripping than reality TV!


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