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13 October 2005

Paper, scissors, iPod

Interesting run-through of some of the technology issues facing the newspaper industry in the Guardian by New York Times (Interesting given last month's story - see below) reporter David Carr. Carr sees a role continuing for 'companion media' (media you need to sit down and take time out with - not cherry picking or background-listening), but thinks it needs its iPod moment - the time when a new technology device makes people start to use a medium in a totally new way. He sees the dedicated eBook reader as this device - if anyone ever gets around to inventing one good enough.

Also, speaking of the NYT ad funding dilemna, evidence is emerging that this is a UK phenomenon too. This piece in Netimperative reveals Internet Advertising Bureau research showing that online is taking an ever bigger slice of advertising revenues, currently half a billion pounds in the first half of 2005 (for the first time this is more than was spent on outdoor advertsing in the same period).


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