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24 November 2006

Free union membership (strings apply!)

One benefit of union membership you mightn't know about is cheap conveyancing when you move house. I was very pleasantly surprised that union solicitors Thompsons will cut a deal for members of the NUJ (and a number of other unions), and it might save you quite a bit.

Their £275 for looking after my move was exactly half the quote I got from two of our local solicitors, so I saved over a year's worth of union subs. In effect, I got my NUJ money back and more, hurrah!

Thompsons are at www.thompsons.law.co.uk if you'd like to check them out. Their national conveyancing office is in Plymouth, so I might think twice about using them if it was going to be a *really* complicated sale, as a lot of to and fro by post might delay things, but we just bought a flat as first-time-buyers, so very little to go wrong. They were very nice and helpful (all by phone/post/email), and everything got done on time (thanks guys!).


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