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25 May 2007

Amnesty International does social networking

Amnesty International launched its yearly report on the state of the world's human rights on Wednesday. Visitors to the Report 2007 website might notice a difference between this year's site and previous ones.

It has all the things it had before, the country entries, the introduction, the video and audio, but this year also sees the introduction of a range of new social networking elements to the site. There’s a blog to give people visiting the site a taste of the work that the organisation does from a human perspective - divided between posts about people's work over the last year or so and posts about the launch itself.

There are also a number of ways for visitors to help spread the word about Report 2007 embedded throughout the site, visit the Add your voice! section for suggestions.

The Report 2007 site is a taster of the way amnesty.org is going. We’re working on a major redesign of the site to make it more accessible and more user-friendly. Comments and suggestions will be gratefully received.

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