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12 May 2007

Multi-media Commission take-off

Last Saturday (5 May), the NUJ launched its Commission on Multi-Media Working with a one-day event at the Headland House HQ in London. There was testimony from people in all sectors of the union, national and regional newspapers, the BBC, the Irish Times website (the first newspaper to go online in the UK and Ireland way back in '94), yours truly for the NEC and NMIC Chair Jemima Kiss addressing the positive sides of new media.

The event presented a snap-shot of the situation the Commission is tasked with drawing together in a major report, due in four months. NMIC is well represented on the Commission, with Jemima, Gary Herman and me along with Helen Mulholland from the Guardian and Paula Dear from the BBC adding more online experience.

Read more: http://www.nuj.org.uk/inner.php?docid=1740

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