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03 July 2007

Get your face in our place!

Will you be the 300th member of the NUJ's Facebook community?

Yes, it's grown extremely quickly and is already at 299 members, organising local get togethers and with a number of discussions underway. Come and chat to us all, before everyone's gran is on Facebook too and we all have to flee to whatever the new flavour of the month is.

(Come on, you're journalists ferchrissakes - We know you all use it!)

And for any hardened Web2.0 cynics still out there, here is a nice little ditty from ad-agency Asabailey, promoting the new social interweb at the fringe of this year's Cannes Ad Festival. (NSFW: Be warned if easily offended, or at work!)



At 9:14 pm, Blogger Tony Gosling said...

I won't use facebook as there are too many unanswered questions over their privacy policy


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