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05 June 2006

Oi! Yahoo! No!

Excerpted from the first issue of logON://, the NUJ NMIC's new newsletter for members working in the New Media sector:

NMIC has decided to sever its collective ties with Yahoo! and remove the open mailing list for all new media journalists from Yahoo! Groups. The reason? Here’s the NMIC press release:

The New Media Industrial Council has decided to shut down its mailing list on Yahoo!. The decision followed a series of reports that the company provided information to the Chinese authorities that led to the arrest and imprisonment of dissidents, including journalist Shi Tao. According to the Court transcript, the evidence that led to Shi Tao’s sentencing included account-holder information provided by Yahoo!.

NMIC has set up the NUJ-newmedia mailing list on an alternative service. The Council calls on others in the union who run mailing lists on Yahoo! to consider doing the same and is willing to provide advice and guidance to those choosing to do so.

NMIC ask people to sign the petition, being run byAmnesty International in the UK and supported by TheObserver and the OpenNet Initiative. So far, nearly18,000 people have signed. You can too. Just go to http://irrepressible.info/ and add your name.The new mailing list is at:NUJnewmedia@lists.serverone.co.uk

There's been a whole bunch of stories about this, but my favourite so far has to be this one, made possible by the wonders of syndication: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/02062006/325/nuj-calls-yahoo-boycott.html (Mind you, if you're boycotting them, you're not allowed to read it, heh!)


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