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31 October 2006

Web 2.0 is watching you!

2 new startups which aim to keep an eye on us hacks. Both are very new, and have a long way to go to build up both content and users, but if they make it they could have an interesting impact on media transparency in the UK:

Newscounter - www.newscounter.com
This one monitors contentious stories in the papers (though chosen by the site managers rather than users). Site members can then vote on each story they'd like to see the other side of, and Newscounter will then try to source a 'right of reply' from the maligned party to post on the site. No rights of reply yet, and very few votes, so pop over now and give them a click (we'd like to hear the Telegraph's side of the NUJ strike ballot, heh heh...)

Newssniffer - newssniffer.newworldodour.co.uk
Ever been back to a story on the web to find it seems to have mysteriously changed? This new site stores revisions of news stories on major sites (mainly the Beeb ATM), and checks for edited/censored versions throughout the day. A very fun idea, though in practice it seems to find a lot of typo corrections. It also sniffs its way round the Beeb's message boards to snuffle out traces of censorship.


At 3:01 pm, Blogger Matthew Cain said...


Thanks for your comments. I'd be really interested to hear any ideas you have for improving and developing the concept. As you say, it's still early days


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