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26 September 2005

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

Just in case you haven't seen it already, Reporters Sans Frontières have published a handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents - http://www.rsf.org/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=542.

The internet ate my job

Bad news at the New York Times group, where 500 staff may be about to lose their jobs. The group claim that the cuts are unavoidable as too many of their younger readers are now getting their news from the internet instead of papers, a readership problem compounded by a fall in ad revenue as the readership presumably becomes less valauble to advertisers. 45 editorial staff are to go from the NYT editorial department, which will make a pretty big hole, regardless of the group's claim that it won't hit editorial standards. More at Silicon.com

06 September 2005

No puppies harmed in the making...

I sincerely hope none of you have a workplace as tyrannical as this, but if you have - hey, it's time to join the union...
Comfort Breakdown

02 September 2005

Katrina Aftermath: Sept 2, 2005: International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day

Here's a posting which gives an informed perspective on the blogosphere's reaction to Hurrican Katrina compared to how it reacted to the Tsunami. Some useful links in the comments, too.