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23 May 2006

Gis a job 2.0

How did you find your new media job? I like to think I'm up on living the digital lifestyle most of the time, but I have to confess when it comes to how I sorted out my lovely new media profession, I actually reverted to type and clipped the ad out of the Saturday Guardian (dead tree edition).

Anyway if you too are embarrassed that you're not quite practicing what you preach, you might like to check out the new Chinwag jobs site - the first Web 2.0 job site, and all for us newmediaites. Put together by the webbies' email list supremos, it categorises jobs by 'so-now-dahling' tag clouds, and saves searches to scoop up later by RSS. Hey - it even has a nice big 'BETA' sticker, you don't get much more Web 2.0 than that!

On the downside, it's only just starting and most of the jobs seem to be agency (not knocking it, just would be nice to have more variety), and sometimes a bit vague as it's done through recruitment agencies rather than direct, so I'll probably still be reading my luddite classifieds for a while yet. Definitely does have the 2.0 'neat-o' factor though.