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25 May 2007

Amnesty International does social networking

Amnesty International launched its yearly report on the state of the world's human rights on Wednesday. Visitors to the Report 2007 website might notice a difference between this year's site and previous ones.

It has all the things it had before, the country entries, the introduction, the video and audio, but this year also sees the introduction of a range of new social networking elements to the site. There’s a blog to give people visiting the site a taste of the work that the organisation does from a human perspective - divided between posts about people's work over the last year or so and posts about the launch itself.

There are also a number of ways for visitors to help spread the word about Report 2007 embedded throughout the site, visit the Add your voice! section for suggestions.

The Report 2007 site is a taster of the way amnesty.org is going. We’re working on a major redesign of the site to make it more accessible and more user-friendly. Comments and suggestions will be gratefully received.

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16 May 2007

A date for your diaries

Take note: 26 July 2007, 7pm at the Yorkshire Grey pub, Holborn, London.

London Central Branch is putting on a recruitment social event, so, if you work in new media or do you have friends or colleagues who work in new media and like having a drink in good company in comfortable surroundings - please come along.

The event will provide NUJ members an opportunity to meet colleagues from other companies and parts of the sector. It's also designed to be a recruitment event, so if you know anyone who could be an NUJ member but has so far been resistant (or possibly not even asked), bring them along for a couple of free drinks (while stocks last).

You've got some time, so think about it a bit. Does your company work with a web design agency? Are there freelancers writing for the website who no-one ever sees? Or even amongst your employees - designers, page coders, video/audio content producers - all are eligible for NUJ membership. So invite 'em all along and let's boost the sector.

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12 May 2007

NUJ Social Networking

Have you got a MySpace page? Or are you more of a Facebook person? Or is all of that far too childish for you and you're LinkedIn instead? Whichever you are, the NUJ is there and waiting for you.

On MySpace: http://groups.myspace.com/nujournalists
On FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2310419644
On LinkedIn there aren't groups, but you can just link me - http://www.linkedin.com/in/donnachadelong .

Let's make full use of social networking to build the union - if you've got more suggestions, please add comments.

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Multi-media Commission take-off

Last Saturday (5 May), the NUJ launched its Commission on Multi-Media Working with a one-day event at the Headland House HQ in London. There was testimony from people in all sectors of the union, national and regional newspapers, the BBC, the Irish Times website (the first newspaper to go online in the UK and Ireland way back in '94), yours truly for the NEC and NMIC Chair Jemima Kiss addressing the positive sides of new media.

The event presented a snap-shot of the situation the Commission is tasked with drawing together in a major report, due in four months. NMIC is well represented on the Commission, with Jemima, Gary Herman and me along with Helen Mulholland from the Guardian and Paula Dear from the BBC adding more online experience.

Read more: http://www.nuj.org.uk/inner.php?docid=1740

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03 May 2007

Press Freedom Day: Global action needed to protect journalists

"All of society pays the price when journalists are killed with impunity and censorship and fear stifle expression. These are the conditions under which abuse of power and injustice will thrive." A major Amnesty International feature for Press Freedom Day, looking at attacks on journalists and press freedom around the world.

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